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In addition to her book, Shelley writes inspirational blog posts 
2-3 times a week

 "Just another Day in the Life of Shells"

Shelley began dumping thoughts onto paper when she was 11 years old, in her very first diary. She loved writing poetry as a young teen and continued to nurture her love for creative writing well into her 30's. For years, she kept journals as a way to "get it all out" and reflect on her downfalls and growth in life. 

In October 2010 she decided to share more of who she was through writing a motivational/inspirational memoir, I Need the Happy Ending,which was released in major online markets in Oct. 2012, fulfilling another one of her goals in life despite the obstacles that entered her path.

Shelley has been a practicing cosmetologist and makeup artist since 1991. In those years she has owned 4 salons, been a color educator for two major hair-care companies; ARTec Worldwide, and Grazette of Sweden and has worked on the TV sets of HSN. 

Since 2007, she has had the pleasure of working with Kelby Media, and through this relationship she has created looks for the leaders in the photography industry from all over the globe such as Scott Kelby, Frank Doorhof, Mike Kubeisy, Joe Mcnally, Lindsay Adler, Jerry Ghionis, Dave Black and Calvin Hollywood. 

Some of her ongoing commercial clients include the Tampa Bay Buccanners, Kelby Media, True Sin Clothing, and Teenyb Bikini Couture. She has and continues to work with several other clients in her growing makeup career. Her makeup, hair and wardrobe styling work can be found all over the internet, in magazines, books, and in online training courses for Kelby Training. 

She is passionate about everything she does. She loves to share her knowledge and experiences with others. She "pays it forward" by involving  herself each year in charity events such as Help Portrait and in honor of her youngest daughter Abrielle who has Down syndrome; The Special Olympics.

Shelley is a single mother of 4 children and feels that although life has been consistently busy and full of ups and downs, there is still so much more for her to do. She hopes to travel in the future to share her story and inspiration with the general public, young teens, and people in her industry through speaking engagements, training's and motivational events. 


" I am who I am because of the journey I have taken, and I know that it's not over."

~Shelley Giard~


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