"For if I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness"
II Corinthians 11:30



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An eleven year old little girl scribbled her very first diary entry on the 4th anniversary of the death of her sister who was killed by a drunk driver. A grieving child hoping to make sense of things, had no idea that this tragic event laid the foundation for the rest of her life. 

26 years later, at age 37, the author dusted off that diary and that innocent inscription ended up being the paradigm shift she needed during a very hard time when hope seemed nothing but a made up word. After many years of strife and struggles she decided to sit down and tell her story. 

The book takes you through the life of this little girl; how her family was torn during grief, how she suffered the struggles of having to move away, being bullied in her new school, living with an alcoholic father, becoming a mother at age 18,  as well as accepting two failed marriages and many bad choices. Her gift was finding out towards the end of her second marriage that she was carrying a child that would be born with Down Syndrome. This  discovery led her to a decision to end her toxic marriage and conquer being a single career mom of four.

Through a long and relentless journey, she certainly knows what it is like to overcome adversity. She jumped many hurdles to reach the personal and professional goals she had set for herself despite the many obstacles that came rushing her way, because at her weakest moments... faith, hope and perseverance came first in her mind.

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